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One of McBain Studio's most memorable talents is a model we call Orlando. Several years ago he agreed to replace part of a couple in a life class that had been billed as a couples drawing experience. The lady was willing to trust us and work with a recruit that she had never met when the gent that was intended to be with backed out. Orlando was more than adequate on that first assignment. We hired him several times after that. And he showed us he was a quick study and gave us better, more insightful poses every time he took the stage or stepped in front of a camera. Over the the last couple of years he has remained supportive and interested in our work here even after he had moved on from modeling. Recently we were informed that he was ready to release his images through this website, images in which he had done such beautiful work. We are proud to include them now in this gallery here on mcbainstudio.biz.

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